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The Difference between Oil Change Services

Cost isnít the only thing to consider when it comes time to change your vehicleís engine oil and oil filter.

Most people understand the importance of changing their engineís oil and oil filter as the best way to prolong the life of their vehicle. Oil change prices vary from one repair shop to the next and it can be difficult to discern what really constitutes value for your hard earned dollars spent. Is there a difference in oil change services besides price?

Itís not the brand of motor oil thatís important but more so using the oil with the correct specification. At Johnís Auto Repair, we use the correct weight engine oil that meets or exceeds the manufacturerís specifications for your vehicle. We stock high mileage oil for older vehicles, synthetic blends and full synthetics for that added protection.

We also use quality NAPA oil filters. There are a variety of filter types, mostly differing on the inside with the type of filtering element used. Some also have check valves (also known as drain back valving) which are very important on startup.

But even more important than using quality materials, Johnís Auto Repair watches out for your best interest. Weíre concerned about your safety and that of your family. It isnít just our price but our value-added service that sets us apart from others.

Our goal is to keep your car or truck running safe and trouble free for as long as possible. We believe all your vehicleís fluids should be checked not only for the correct level but condition as well. We complete a free, comprehensive 23-point checklist on most vehicles.

We can help prioritize any repairs or preventative services which may be required as we understand you may not be able to have them all performed at the same time. We even keep records of your individual recommended services and their next due date.

If you have any questions about our lube, oil and filter change services, donít hesitate to stop over. We do our best to answer them all at Johnís Auto Repair of Islip, NY.


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