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Is Timing Belt Replacement Really Necessary?

How important is it and when should it be done?

Everyone knows the importance of making sure your vehicle’s belts are in good shape and replacing them when they age and crack. But most people are unaware that their car may have a timing belt as well. These belts are not easily checked because they are usually covered by accessories such as an alternator, power steering pumps, etc. along with plastic engine covers.

Timing belts are constructed of nylon and rubber compounds which do age, weaken and crack with time just like your accessory belts. Extreme engine bay temperatures and sometimes oil and coolant leaks help speed this process along. They give no warning signs that they are about to break. When they do, your engine will stop running and not restart, resulting in a towing expense. Worst of all, it could also cause expensive damage to engine valves and pistons.

Most manufacturers recommend replacing your vehicle’s timing belts at 60,000 to 90,000 miles. Regardless of make or model or engine size, most vehicles have a timing belt/belts. Replacing your timing belt at John’s Auto Repair of Islip, NY will assure your vehicle will be ready to go when you are.


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